Home Heating Fuels

The fuel you use to heat your home has a big impact on how much you’ll spend to stay warm this winter. Here’s a quick rundown of the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s winter fuel report.


The South is the only region in the United States where the majority of homes are heated via electricity. The price of electricity has gone up 2% since last winter, and overall consumption of electricity has increased by 6%. Households with electric heating are forecast to spend an average of $74 (or 8%) more on electricity bills this winter. Electric heat is popular because it is widely available, but before you choose this method for heating your home, you should make sure the appliances you’ve selected are energy efficient. Radiant heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat a home. If you’re building a house, consider installing in-floor radiant heating from the get-go.If you use electricity in Raleigh, it’s probably provided by Duke Energy. If your bills are higher than expected, call Duke Energy or [client name] to discuss steps you can take to cut back on your electricity usage.

Natural gas is cheap and available in many areas. Click here to find out if natural gas is available for your home. At [client name] we recommend natural gas if it’s available in your area. It has lower carbon emissions and the price of natural gas tends to remain fairly stable, unlike the price of oil. For the winter of 2017-18, the average cost to heat a home with natural gas is forecast at $642.32. A 2012 analysis by the Christian Science Monitor found that natural gas is by far the least expensive way to heat your home.

If you don’t have natural gas in your area, you may be tempted to use propane. We caution against this. Propane can be really expensive, and supply is subject to changes in the infrastructure. It’s one of the more volatile fuels when it comes to price, and you don’t want to risk your heat during a cold winter!

Instead, consider using a heat pump. A heat pump pulls heat out of the air or ground to either heat or cool your home. They’re very efficient and environmentally friendly, since a heat pump transfers heat from one place to another rather than burning some kind of fuel to generate the heat.

predicted cost

Frustrated by your heating bills? Give us a call at [client phone number]! We’d be happy to talk over your options to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home.

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