Ten Gifts to Warm Your Friends and Family

*Note: This blog was written for a heating and air conditioning company.

Winter is one of my favorite times of year. I love making sure that people are snuggly and warm inside their houses, with visions of sugarplums rather than icicles dancing through their heads. I also love giving gifts, especially dual purpose ones that are both fun and functional. Here are my top ten gifts to keep your friends and family warm this holiday season – and you might get a few ideas for your own wish list!

1. Christmas Jammies

There’s nothing quite like seeing a family in matching pajamas. Whether you’re buying them for a family holiday card or as a gift (and blackmail material) for a friend and his family, Christmas jammies are always a hit. When was the last time your family looked this happy?


2.  S’mores Maker

Santa may love cookies, but I’m betting he wouldn’t say no to some s’mores, especially if he doesn’t have to go outside to cook them. S’mores Makers can be kind of pricy (it’s probably not something you’ll use every day, after all), but a less expensive version gives you results that are just as tasty.

3. Air-Filtering Plant

peace lilyNASA’s Clean Air Study examined several plants that naturally remove toxins from the air. A peace lily makes a good gift because it filters out every single one of the studies toxins and is very easy to take care of. Makes a great house “warming” gift, too!

4. Cozy Blanket

The best couch naps require a soft, warm blanket. This Pottery Barn throw is made of soft faux mohair (fauxhair?) and is big enough for you and your significant other to snuggle under.

5. Warm Bathrobe

The worst part of getting out of a hot shower is the cold air. Slip into a toasty bathrobe and avoid catching a chill. L.L. Bean offers a wide variety of fabrics, including chamois cloth, terry cloth, flannel, and cotton.

6. Tabletop Fireplace

The warm weather is one of the reasons I love Raleigh, but there are certain times of the year when it can be a bit uncomfortable without some good winter attire. Take a holiday party from the inside to your back porch with a tabletop fireplace. It generates some good heat for under $100!

7. Fatwood

Fatwood is a natural, environmentally friendly way to get a fire started. It makes a great host/hostess gift, especially if the party thrower has a wood fireplace. The 12-lb bag from Plow & Hearth comes in a festive burlap sack, so don’t worry about wrapping it. Plus, using a wood stove or fireplace for heat will help cut down on heating bills!

8. Socks

I know socks are pretty much the most boring gift ever, but that’s because no one puts much thought into them. A few pairs of really nice socks will change the way you think about them. They might even top your Christmas list next year!

9. Mittens/Gloves

I work outside most of the time, and a good pair of gloves can be a lifesaver on cold days. I like fingerless gloves with a mitten cover. When I’m getting to work on an outdoor unit, my fingers are unencumbered. When I’m driving around or just scoping things out, the mitten flaps keep my hands warm.

10. This Crazy Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags can be so restrictive; you can’t spread out at all! This person-shaped sleeping bag moves with you, so you have all the wiggle room you need. You might get some strange looks, but who cares? They’re probably just jealous of how cool you look in your awesome sleeping bag.

While these items will keep you and your family and friends warm in the short term, there’s no substitute for a good heating unit. At [client name], we make sure your heater is running at optimum efficiency so you have a few extra bucks to spend on holiday gifts this year. If you have an issue with your heater or you just want a routine tune-up, call [client name] at [phone number].

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