10 Must-Haves for Your Birth Center Bag

The big day is swiftly (or not so swiftly) approaching, and you can’t wait to meet the newest member of your family! You’ve seen lists of the dozens of things you should pack in your ‘hospital bag,’ but at [client], we provide a lot of that stuff for you. Here are the ten essentials you should pack now, so they’ll be ready to go when the big day arrives.

  1. Your favorite snacks or drinks. Bring whatever you love to nosh on, as we encourage laboring women to eat and drink if they wish. We have a fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare your favorite foods right here. At a hospital, you’d have to flag down a nurse and beg her to reheat a microwavable meal, but we’ve got the kitchen ready for your convenience.
  2. Relaxing music. If you have certain music that helps you to relax (or maybe you want to blare ‘Eye of the Tiger’ as inspiration), feel free to bring it. Load your iPod with your favorite songs from different genres, since you never know what you’ll be in the mood for.
  3. Underwear. People rest and recover best in their own spaces, so you won’t spend too much time in the birthing suite after you and your baby are comfortable, happy, and healthy. You don’t need to bring pajamas or a toothbrush, but a clean pair of undies will make you feel freshened up.
  4. Camera. Many hospitals have restrictions on cameras and video recorders, but this is the day you meet the child you’ll be raising for the rest of your life, and we think that deserves memorializing! Pack up your camera or camcorder, and don’t forget the memory stick!
  5. Flip-flops. Your feet might still be a bit swollen after giving birth, and flip-flops are much more comfortable than shoes or sneakers. Don’t worry about towels or a bathrobe, though – we have some very comfy, plush ones you can use during your stay!
  6. Nursing bra. We encourage every mother to nurse, and lactation consultants are available to help you and your baby get the hang of it together. A nursing bra and nursing pads will keep you (and your breasts) comfortable and easily accessible.
  7. Boppy or nursing pillow. A nursing pillow can help you and your little one position yourselves for breastfeeding, and if you’re going to use one at home, you may want to bring it so the nurse-midwives can show you how to use it properly.
  8. A bathing suit for your husband or support person. Many laboring women enjoy relaxing or soaking in our deep birthing tubs, and we also have large walk-in showers big enough for both you and your significant other. He or she may not feel comfortable going au naturale, so pack a swimsuit.
  9. A cell phone charger. You never know how long labor will take, and you don’t want to leave your family or the in-laws high and dry because your cell phone died. Take a charger with you so you can spread the good news!
  10. Baby’s first outfit. Your little one has just been born, and it’s already so hard to decide what to wear! Pick out your baby’s coming-home outfit ahead of time, and wash it with baby laundry detergent like Dreft. Bring a blanket, too, so Baby doesn’t get chilly!

At [client] in [location], we offer a different kind of maternity care. Giving birth is a life-changing event, and you should feel comfortable and at home in your surroundings and with your care providers. We’ve created a stress-free environment where your needs (and those of your family) are always taken into account and honored. Contact us today to develop a customized care plan for your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.


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