The Fab (Houseware) Four For Your Holidays

November and December are the perfect months for entertaining. This is the modern equivalent of the London Season in Victorian England – a time for the up and coming to mix, mingle, and make merry with colleagues, family, and friends. Three holidays in particular are ripe for festivities, and they come on each other’s heels. We’re talking, of course, about Thanksgiving, your December holiday of choice, and New Year’s Eve.

Put away those Spode turkey platters your family has held onto since they disembarked from the Mayflower. Toss that snowman-embroidered tablecloth Aunt Myrtle gave you ten years ago. Forget about the champagne glasses your friend painted with snowflakes at that wine ‘n’ design class. (Just because they’ve got snowflakes on them doesn’t mean they’ll work for both Christmas and New Years!) Instead, deck your halls with these four pieces you’ll find at [client].

A Lazy Susan

You don’t need to hire a waiter to pass hors d’oeuvres at your dinner parties this season. Just seek out Susan! This lazy Susan is more than just a pretty face. The food-grade beeswax coating allows you to serve your food directly on the colorful palette – no unsightly platters needed! Picture your holiday party – the wine is flowing, the guests are chatting animatedly, and everyone is enjoying your expertly prepared meal when someone shouts, “Hey! Can you pass the mini quiches?” Avoid this conversation-stopping scenario by investing in a timeless and functional lazy Susan.

Glass Storage Bottles


Do you dread the moment when a partygoer peeks into your pantry? If a guest arrives with flowers, can you readily produce a vase that will showcase the bouquet’s beauty? If either (or both) of these scenarios could apply to you, you need to take a look at the many sizes, styles, and shapes of multifunctional vessels offered by [client]. Hand-blown opalescent hexagonal bottles contain condiments with class; the blossom bottle does double duty as a vase or pitcher for your holiday beverage.  This blown glass flask works on the table or at the bar, and is only available from [client]. Each handcrafted piece is entirely unique!


Sturdy Coasters

No holiday party is complete without traditional beverages. Hot toddies, apple cider, egg nog, mulled wine, champagne…whatever you’re serving, ensure that your furniture stays stain-free by providing plenty of coasters throughout the living and dining areas. Remember that snowman tablecloth from Aunt Myrtle? If your gorgeous new reclaimed wood table is marred by that telltale ring, you may be forced to dust that off again! We’re particularly fond of these coasters by artist Anna Wallace [link]. Each set of four is neutral in color but visually interesting, and they coordinate flawlessly with one another and your existing décor.


White Serving Platters

food-2121819_640Move over, Fiestaware – science has proven that food actually seems tastier and of higher quality when it’s served on a white dish! Restaurateurs have known this little trick to making their entrées pop for decades, and home chefs are discovering the secret as well. Keep the focus on your centerpieces and quality ingredients by serving your guests on white platters. Of course, white doesn’t have to mean boring. This oval serving tray has strap handles to catch the eye, and the surprising material of this concrete tray adds texture to your table setting. Look for interesting visual details like the pressed band in these appetizer plates to keep your table tasteful.

Whatever you’re celebrating this season, these four items will became household staples and add festive cheer to your fete! And you don’t have to wrap them up and tuck them away with the wicker reindeer and twinkling lights; each one-of-a-kind piece can graciously decorate your table, bar, or countertop throughout the year as well.

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