Millennials and Telemedicine: Are You Prepared for the Next Generation of Patients?

Millennials have just surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation. There are 83.1 million millennials out there today, and they have different expectations about their health care. According to a Nuance survey, more than half of people between the ages of 18 and 34 went to the doctor at least three times in the past year. That’s a lot of patients — and a lot of potential revenue.

Only 36% of millennials say they have a good relationship with their doctors, compared to 63% of older patients. The best way to improve this number is by giving these patients what they most want from health care. In 2011, Forbes noted that two of the highest priorities for patients of any age are timeliness and continuity/choice/coordination. Telehealth is the best way to deliver immediate health care from the patient’s own physician, and millennials are perfectly poised to take advantage of it.

Over 85% of millennials own smartphones, allowing them to connect to anyone, anywhere, in an instant. They can use their phones to send high-definition video and audio, and to hold video-conferences with their doctors – the basis for many telehealth apps. Millennials aren’t just posting pictures on Instagram and writing reviews on Yelp. The Nuance survey showed that more than half of young millennials search online for health information before seeing the doctor.

Millennials have information at their fingertips, and they want to take advantage of everything technology has to offer. According to the Nuance survey, 42% of millennials use online reviews to find a doctor. And if they aren’t satisfied with the care they receive, they don’t hesitate to provide online feedback – or tell their friends. Over 60% of young millennials share their unsatisfactory experience with friends. Compared to older Americans, millennials are nearly twice as likely to trust personal recommendations when they’re looking for a doctor. How can you make sure that the buzz about your practice is positive?

You have to give your potential patients fast, easy access to medical care. Millennial patients don’t want to wait days for an appointment. A January 2015 survey found that 60% of millennials are interested in using telehealth options, and 71% of patients said that they would like to engage with their provider via a mobile app.

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